Clinton, Other Candidates, Must Take Position on Internet Gambling

Hillary Clinton has received the support of some powerful and influential gambling executives in Las Vegas. Her campaign has announced the formation of the Nevada Business Leadership Council which is headed by Jan Jones, a former Las Vegas Mayor and a current lobbyist for Harrah’s Entertainment.

Phil Satre, former chairman and CEO of Harrah’s, Howard Lefkowitz, CEO of, Henry Terry, Executive Director of Human Resourses of Playlv Gaming Operations, Punam Mather, Senior VP of MGM/Mirage Group Corp are also members.

In light of these endorsements, some suggest that it is a good time to question Sen. Clinton on her stance regarding Internet gambling. A powerful politician such as Clinton could be the deciding factor when decisions about Internet gambling reach the stage of legalization if she were to become the next president.

Senator Clinton’s Nevada Presidential Campaign is headed by Rory Reid, son of Senator Harry Reid of Nevada.

Senator Clinton supports labor and believes a strong business community is in the countries best interest. With the endorsements of those mentioned above, analysts believe it should be made clear by her on which side of the Internet gambling issue she stands.

“Idle talk and comments are not good enough,” said Casino Gambling Web’s analyst, Gordon Price. “A definitive position on this issue is necessary not only from Clinton, but of all the potential candidates. No politician should be allowed to answer  We will look further into the subject“, or we are studying it, a simple yes or no answer is needed because this possibly could be the single most important issue that will effect the future of international treaties.”

“We must all remember that it was Harrah’s that contributed a reported $50k to then Senator Bill Frist prior to the enactment of the UIGEA, and as this is perceived to be directly related to the effort of Frist and his cronies to implement this awful bill,” Price said, “Clinton should make her thoughts on the subject clear.”

“All of the candidates must be made to take a position on this issue.”

Elaine Wynn, wife of Steve Wynn, and Director of Wynn Casino, last summer joined the Barack Obama campaign.

Sheldon Adelson, billionaire owner of the Venetian Hotel And Casino is a heavy contributor to the Republican Party and supports many GOP causes and candidates.